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    Default FlyersCoupons.ca for Dummies

    How can I add a new flyer, coupon or deal to FlyersCoupons.ca?

    Click here tp add a new flyer, coupon, deal, etc. to FlyersCoupons.ca

    How can I get paid to post on FlyersCoupons.ca?

    Click here for full details on FlyersCoupons.ca's Revenue Sharing Program.

    I represent a retailer. How can I get the retailer I'm representing listed on FlyersCoupons.ca?

    Click here for details on having a retailer listed.

    I have a small business, can I get listed? and how much will it cost me?

    FlyersCoupons.ca supports small and family-run Canadian businesses. We will list your retail business absolutely free and allow you to add coupons, deals, etc. at no charge what-so-ever. However we expect you to maintain your section by regularly adding coupons, deals, etc. to it. If your section is in-active for a long period of time it will be removed.

    Are referral or affiliate links allowed on FlyersCoupons.ca

    No. Referral and/or Affiliate links are not allowed on here. Using referral or affiliate links in any form can result in you getting permanently banned. They are not allowed in signatures either.

    Why do some members' usernames show up in Orange?

    These members are enrolled in the FlyersCoupons.ca Revenue Sharing Program and make money out of Ads displayed on here. You can join this program for free here.

    What do the special buttons under some usernames mean?

    These icons are automatically assigned to FlyersCoupons.ca's top contributors as a special recognition for their efforts.

    Top contributor today: Name:  topt..png
Views: 353
Size:  1.6 KB

    Top contributor this week: Name:  topw..png
Views: 332
Size:  2.1 KB

    Top contributor this month: Name:  topm..png
Views: 341
Size:  1.7 KB

    Top contributor of all time: Name:  topa..png
Views: 349
Size:  1.5 KB

    Is there an iPhone / iPod Touch App for FlyersCoupons.ca?

    Yes there is. We have partnered with Tapatalk to bring you an iPhone / iPod App for FlyersCoupons.ca

    Tapatalk Free App allows you to view everything on here. If however you want to be able to contribute from the app you'll need to get the full Tapatalk version for $2.99. Here is what the App looks like:

    Showing New and Unread Posts:

    Full Thread Viewing and Pagination Support:

    See Who's Online:

    Reply to Post and Image Upload:

    Some of the large forums activated Tapatalk support

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    yup, that's me, still in training and new thanks for posting this.

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