The following coupons may be accepted at London Drugs:

• Manufacturer’s standard coupons

• Manufacturer’s coupons exclusive to London Drugs

• London Drugs issued coupons

Number of coupons accepted:

• More than one coupon may be accepted for a product, if each coupon comes from a different media source and has different UPC codes. The different media sources may include coupons from a newspaper, magazine, internet (maximum of $3 & only one accepted), bottle caps or in-store manufacturer’s exclusive coupons.

• Upon redemption of a Manufacturer’s coupon, HST may apply to the full selling price of the item. Upon redemption of a Retailer Issued coupon, HST may apply to the net amount of the item.

Coupon Acceptance the following requirements have to be been met:

• Expiry date has not been exceeded

• Is redeemable in Canada

• The product named on the coupon has been purchased.

• The size and/or flavor of the item, as stated on the coupon, have been purchased.

• The required number of items has been purchased.

- We do not allow coupon stacking on coupons that are for buy one, get one free products,

With regards to price matching, we do not price match with on-line pricing. It is required that the retailer be within the market area, a flyer with the pertinent information from that retailer is brought in, is the exact same item (model # etc) and the retailer must have stock available of the product. We will call the competitor to verify stock at the competitor store.

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Customer Service Administrator
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