London Drugs
We guarantee satisfaction
If any purchase isn’t to your complete satisfaction, return it to London Drugs within 15 days for a complete refund or exchange.Just remember to return it in the original packaged condition with proof of purchase.
Some restrictions apply. For more information regarding online returns see our RETURN GUIDE.
We guarantee the best price
We offer what you need at a price that’s right. If you find the same merchandise advertised in print at a lower price, we’ll match that price. Even if you find that lower advertised price after you buy, we’ll step up and match that price for 30 days.*
This does not apply to online pricing and this guarantee can not be extended to items purchased through our online store.
Please see our STORE LOCATOR for a location nearest you.
*Excluding Prescriptions, 1-Hour Photofinishing and internet pricing.
We guarantee the best service
We recognize that you lead a busy life and that you want an efficient shopping experience. That’s why we have experts, not just staff, in every department and managers in every store. They’ll help you get what’s right for you.
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