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McDonald's Restaurants of Canada Limited is proud to support the Nutrition Facts Education Campaign, a collaboration of Health Canada and Food & Consumer Products of Canada.
The initiative is a broad-based campaign launched in October 2010 to help Canadians to better understand and use the Nutrition Facts table (NFt), particularly the % Daily Value on food packaging to make informed choices.
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In addition to the Nutrition Facts table, you'll also find a McDonald's Nutrition Chart on select McDonald's packaging that takes five key nutrients and presents them in a different way.
What's the difference between the Nutrition Facts table and McDonald's Nutrition Chart?
  • The McDonald's Nutrition Chart includes symbols for five key nutrients: calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates and sodium
  • The McDonald's Nutrition Chart presents a % Daily Value for calories based on a 2,000 calorie diet, which is an average guideline for energy intake
  • The McDonald's Nutrition Chart also presents a % Daily Value for protein (based on Dietary Reference Intake for macronutrients published by Health Canada)
At McDonald's, we're proud of our food. These tools are just another way we're providing you with important information about our products.