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    Smile Nielsen Family of Consumers - Rewards Program

    This is one of those offers that takes serious consideration. Some people might know about the "Nielsen Research Company", but for those who don't I wanted to write out a little bit of info about them and the prizes/rewards you can obtain being a part of a global research company.
    Before I delved into it, I made sure to research the legitimacy of the Company and it's Claims and was surprised at what I found.

    The program is offered in most parts of the world, and is geared towards consumer goods, spending habits, trends, and alike. You will be apart of a Consumer Panel and will be asked to provide information on products you purchase through a scanning device they send you through post. You are required to input the product through the device by scanning the bar code of all the items you purchase in the week. This device is either connected via your modem or router, or a land line. All data gathered at the weeks end will be required by you to be submitted through the device.
    This is where the rewards system takes place. Once you have submitted all the information you have gathered in the week, you will receive rewards for your participation that can be saved and used later towards gifts or prizes through their company catalog. You can also take part in emails surveys for extra rewards.

    Unfortunately only members can see the catalog, but I did come across participants comments and the gifts can range from something as small as a sleeper blanket to a 50 inch flat screen. They have small appliances, electronics, home and garden.. quite a bit. With that said you have to weigh the pro's and con's of joining this program. Ask yourself the important questions. "Do you have the time to commit to such a program?" Or "Do you have the patients to scan every bar code of everything you purchase?" or "Inputting coupons that may have gone towards reducing your product?"

    It seemed to me though that many of the comments panelists made, were from participates who had been participating in this program for years. There were some who swore by the program, and some who did not. It will be something you decide after reading their policy agreement.
    I applied myself... all you need to do is follow the link. Watch the promotion video if you like, and register to apply.

    Nielsen consumer panel

    Happy Shopping!
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