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    Red face Rexall Canada/Fun and fast ways to get fit

    Fun and fast ways to get fit

    What gives you more energy, boosts your self-esteem, reduces stress, strengthens your heart and lungs and keeps your weight in check? If you guessed fitness, you're right!

    So get off your chair and start moving so you can feel and look like a million bucks. That may seem like a tall order if your life is on the sedentary side. But, honestly, becoming more active can be quite simple and it doesn't have to gobble hours out of your already busy week. Nor does it require you to run endlessly on a treadmill or pump iron everyday at the gym. Read on for tips on how often to exercise, fun cardio activities to try (always choose ones you really enjoy) and ways to stay motivated. Remember to consult your doctor before beginning any fitness program.

    Frequency of fitness
    Ideally, you want to do something physical 'most' days of the week for at least 30 minutes. "'Most' is defined as fitting in as many workouts as you can successfully put into your schedule and feel positive about accomplishing," says Maureen Hagan, a London, Ont.-based licensed physiotherapist, vice president of operations for GoodLife Fitness and author of 6 Weeks to a New Body and Newbody Workout for Women. On the outset of your new regimen, start slowly (for example, 30 minutes twice a week) and build up in frequency over four to six weeks. For more details, see Canada's Physical Activity Guide to Healthy Active Living.

    5 Fun and easy ways to get exercise
    1. Power walk
    Fitness experts agree that walking is an underrated activity. It's the simplest and most natural form of exercise (all you need are a good pair of shoes), you can do anywhere and it's great for your body. So, lace up your sneakers and go for a speedy jaunt before or after dinner. Invite your spouse along, so you can connect and chat, take the dog or go solo if you need you-time.

    The perks: "Briskly walking around the block for about 30 minutes can burn up to 200 or 300 calories, it gets your heart rate up and it's enjoyable," says Adele Tevlin, a Toronto-based certified personal trainer and holistic nutritionist.

    The right moves: The pace of your walk should make you a bit winded but still able to carry a conversation. You should feel your heart rate increasing and your body getting warmer and sweaty, says Tevlin.

    2. Swim
    Plunge into an indoor pool to get and stay in shape. Underwater workouts are most beneficial and fun when you can confidently swim laps. If you're not a pro swimmer but love the water, try an aqua fitness class instead.

    The perks: It's non-weight bearing, meaning there's no stress on your joints, and it works your entire body. "It's aerobic and strength in nature, and the water helps your joints feel open and free," says Hagan. "If you're overweight or de-conditioned and you know how to swim, it's a very therapeutic type of exercise."

    The right moves: Like walking, you want to swim at a pace that makes you slightly breathless.

    3. Cycle
    Be a peddle-pusher. Cycling around town and through parks gives you a chance to soak in the sights while you condition your legs and heart. Pump up the fun factor by planning a family outing on bikes, stopping to enjoy a healthy picnic at your final destination.

    The perks: "Cycling is great because it's aerobic and very good for building lower body strength," says Hagan. The bonus: Exercising the large muscle groups in your buttocks and legs helps you burn more calories during your workouts.

    The right moves: Map out a course that allows you to cycle continuously. "When you constantly stop and go, you don't get your heart rate up consistently," says Tevlin. Bike fast enough to make you a bit winded and sweaty.

    4. Dance
    Weekly dance classes can be a hoot —— you can have so much fun that you forget you're exercising! Plus, they make for a lovely date night with your significant other when you sign up for something you can do in pairs, such as salsa or ballroom. Meanwhile, the likes of hip hop or bellydancing are a great way to bond with your girlfriends.

    The perks: "Dancing is probably one of the hardest forms of exercise," says Tevlin. "It's a huge cardio workout." It also strengthens your muscles to help you tone up. Hagan can personally attest to the benefits, as she and her husband take ballroom dancing. "We've tracked our steps and found that we take over 2,000 (in a 55-minute class) — that's more than what an average Canadian does in an entire day!" she says.

    The right moves: You can expect to get a fantastic workout once you learn all the steps. Follow the direction of your instructor and be patient, as it can take time to master them.

    5. Take a class
    If you're not a dancer, try a different type of fitness class, such as yoga, pilates, spinning or aerobics. (Classes vary in length from 30 to 60 minutes.) "When you do fitness with other people, it makes it more fun," says Hagan. "As well, you have a teacher that gives you praise, teaches you how to do the exercises properly and the time flies by."

    The perks: The physical benefits depend on the activity. Aerobics and spinning, for example, give you a cardio workout while yoga helps you build strength and flexibility.

    The right moves: If you're an exercise newbie, ask the studio or fitness centre what classes are best for you. Intro classes are important, as they teach you the fundamentals of your chosen activity, allowing you to master the basic moves.

    TIP: You can also take classes at home by following an instructional workout DVD that's appealing to you.

    How to stay motivated
    Here are a few pointers to help you stick to you new active lifestyle.

    -Schedule exercise. Pencil your swim or dance class into your daytimer to ensure it's a priority in your day.

    -Get fit with a friend. "Your chances of being successful are greater than 50 percent when you have a workout buddy," says Hagan.

    -Write down your goal. You're more likely to stay committed if you have things to work towards. Establish goals that are tangible and exciting to you, such as having your cholesterol scores back to normal for your doctor's appointment in three months, or fitting back into your favourite red dress for your high school reunion in six months, she says.

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    These ways for the fitness is a effected method all the parts explain for he the fitness.
    and give detail about the best exercise that can help you in you fitness.

    Baltimore fitness
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