Walmart Portrait Studio has a package deal on the gives you over 30 photo's for only $7.99. If you have more than one person in the photo there is a $5.00 sitting fee for addtional people (unlimited for $5 only) Flyer said ends April 6, but the same deal has been offered since before Christmas so I bet it will not end anytime soon.

I have taken advantage of this deal twice now and think that I will keep taking my dd. This price is great for seasonal photo like Christmas and Easter. The selection of background are great and the photo quality is great for the price. The only downfall, they will print off 3-4 extra sheets of photos and try to sell them to you when you pick your portraits up.

No appointment needed, I had my daughter at a Christmas party all dressed up so on my way home I popped in and had her pictures done in less than 5 mins